Will it make me look fat? How can I tell?


LOTTA-FAT clothing is  oversized or have tons of extra amounts of fabric. As in, a supersized sweater, a sailor pant, a baby-doll dress, a pleated skirt, a dirndl skirt, a balloon skirt, a ’50s-style ball gown, a ruffled peasant skirt, overalls, harem pants, sweatpants, an espadrille shoe that ties up on the leg.

On the other hand, there is clothing is too small to cover your body and leaves too much exposed and are also lotta-fat. Stay clear of these items tube tops, hot pants, cutoff jeans, shorts suits, micro-minis, bikinis, bustiers, cutout dresses and slit-up-to-there skirts, too.

SOME-FAT clothing provides coverage, but not much else. Most of these items are boring classics that just sit on your body and provide any flattering or positive impact on your look. Often, it’s a tweed blazer, twin sweater set, a sweater dress, a midcalf skirt, pants with side pockets, a denim jacket, loafers, flannel shirts, white shirts, cotton tees or plain black pumps.

ZERO-FAT clothing is the hardest worker. Well designed shapers, they enhance your figure, create a svelte silhouette, hide the fat and slurp you up in all the right places. They make you look better than you would look naked. Stock up on trim V-neck sweaters with three-quarter sleeves, a pencil skirt, boot-cut jeans, an A-line shift dress, wrap dress, flat-front trousers, a full-coverage bra, a shapewear bike short, high-waist opaque stockings, a control camisole, knee-length heeled boots and a pair of nude high heels.


LOTTA-FAT fabrics are, unfortunately, the most alluring, heavy on shine and texture. Be wary of wide-wale corduroy, crushed velvet, metallic, leather, patent leather, suede, down, mohair, angora, brocade, taffeta, bouclé, sequins, satin, beading, quilted, embroidery, tulle, fringe, flannel, terry cloth, toile, fur (real or faux), chiffon, horizontal stripes and big prints — hound’s-tooth, floral, plaids, Pucci-esque.

SOME-FAT fabrics are those that are comfortable and wearable but don’t particularly enhance your shape. The most popular include cotton, denim, plain velvet, silk, lace, wool crepe and wool gabardine.

ZERO-FAT fabrics have a little something extra that helps mold, shape, and hug your curves. You can’t have enough jersey, cashmere, fine cotton, spandex, fine ribs, flat knits, matte crepe silk, wool rayon or vertical pinstripes.

LOOK AT THE COLOR The color of fabric will dictate how shadows are cast and what is visible.

LOTTA-FAT Neons, bright primary colors, pastels, white.

SOME-FAT Darker hues — navy, brown, charcoal, olive, burgundy, gray.

ZERO-FAT Black, but a closetful of black clothes is so depressing. Try to limit your black purchases to anywhere you have body issues.

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