Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Abs Video Level 1

This is a fairly typical Jillian Michaels style video – 6 Week Abs. She has two actresses doing the workout with her—one on the right doing easier modifications and one on the left doing advanced modifications. A number of the moves also use hand weights or can be done at varying speeds, and Jillian encourages you to pick up the pace or use heavier weights to make the moves harder or to go slower and use no weights to make the moves easier. As a result, each workout can be accessible to a range of fitness levels.

As in her other videos, there is a lot of playful banter and harassment in this video but she doesn’t “play favorites”—devoting most of her time to one model or the other—as she does in some of her other videos. Jillian gives several short “heart-to-heart”, “inspirational” speeches in this video, but they don’t do much to inspire me. The heart-to-heart speeches are the one thing about Jillian’s style that I’m not super thrilled with, but everyone has their own tastes, and they may be personally motivating for you. Either way, she does bring up some good points in her inspirational moments.

In typical Jillian fashion, the studio has a contemporary feeling—blue, black, and wood earthtones—that is color coordinated with the models workout attire (for the most part). The background music is an instrumental (no lyrics) with a heavy techno-club beat. And, as with many of her other videos, you have the option of playing a dubbed over Spanish version of the workout.

One thing that is very different about this video compared with other Jillian videos is that she does not break the workout into shorter circuits. Instead, she does all of the moves straight through once and then repeats the whole circuit again. I sort of liked this difference because the second time through seems to fly by; the downside was that the first time through seemed to take forever and I kept thinking, “aren’t we halfway through yet?!”

6 Weel Abs Workouts Included

  • Level 1 (34 minutes): Early-Late Intermediate—This video includes some dynamic standing abdominal moves, a few cardio moves, and a lot of mat work—mostly crunch and plank variations. Most of the moves are no or low impact, so this is a pretty safe workout for those with joint problems.

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Equipment Needed
These workouts each require a single 3-15 pound hand-weight. A mat or soft carpet is also recommended since you will be doing a lot of mat work.

Space Requirements
You should be able to lie down with your arms stretched above your head both horizontally and vertically. For a couple of the moves, you will need to be able to leap into the air with your arms stretched above your head. But if you have a low ceiling, you can just modify the moves a little—just be sure you can jump without hitting your head!

Fitness Requirements 
To do the level 1 workout, you should be able to hold a plank position for about a minute, do around 50 crunches, and jog or walk briskly for at least 10-15 minutes. For the level 2 workout, you should also be able to jog or do advanced aerobics for 20+ minutes.

What NOT to Expect
This program is designed to work your abs while getting your heart rate up. Don’t expect your abs to be burning for most of the workout—there will be times when your abs feel tired, but it will not be a constant burn like you get in videos that include tons of crunches. Of course, getting a good cardiovascular workout while working your abs is a much better way of burning calories and fat. The idea is that you have to get rid of the fat around your midsection in order to see your ab muscles in the first place!

You will also work your legs and arms a bit while doing this workout, but don’t expect to get a full-body workout; this video definitely targets the core.

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