How Hugh Jackman Got Ripped for “Logan”

If you haven’t seen Logan yet, my advice to you is this: go now. Even if you don’t like superhero movies, you’ll be blown away. It’s a grim, gothic, post-apocalyptic western road trip chock-full of visceral action sequences and tearjerking scenes. It explores themes of loss, mortality, aging and despair, grounded character development and plenty of helpless goons being sliced up. Awesome.

It’s a pretty fitting way to retire a character that Hugh Jackman has been portraying for almost 17 years since Bryan Singer’s first X-Men movie was released way back in 2000. Even though it’s a pretty depressing flick, it’s amazing that Jackman’s last turn as the angry Canadian mutant is probably his best, most affecting work.Testosterone Booster

Physically, Wolverine’s bodily appearance has changed to reflect his world-weary melancholy. Jackman has always been ripped in order to play the superhero, but this time around his muscle mass has been less dense and more lean and sinuous. It’s still impressive though, and Jackman has always been renowned throughout the X-Men franchise for his ability to get fit fast.

If you’d like to know what it takes to don the yellow spandex and become a superhero, then look no further. Hugh Jackman has shared his workout regime for Logan with the world. If this doesn’t motivate you to hit the gym, nothing will.

Usually, when Jackman plays Wolverine, his diet consists of a hell of a lot of protein coupled with six straight days in the gym. Plenty of boiled chicken and dozens of eggs are usually the only things on the menu for months. But this time things were different. In a recent interview on The Late Show, Jackman revealed that he went through an intense dehydration regime in order to achieve the gaunt, slightly-emaciated look the movie’s tone called for.

In addition to his brutal workouts, Jackman increased his water intake to an astonishing three gallons a day prior to shooting, but would stop drinking anything at all 36 hours before he was required to appear on camera shirtless. As you can imagine, a dehydration regime is pretty dangerous, and shouldn’t be attempted without strict guidance from a personal trainer and medical expert. “You lose like ten pounds of water weight,” Jackman stated, “don’t do this at home.”


“I’d already shed 20 pounds, through exercise and a very lean diet, before I embarked on that 36-hour period in which I drank nothing and ate very little and I knew I was pushing myself and my body to the limit,” Jackman added, “But the non-consumption of liquids is a very clever bodybuilders’ trick for giving one sunken cheeks and sunken eyes and, boy, did it work. Maybe just a little too well.” Testosterone Boosters are helpful when you need to recover quickly or bouncing between work and the gym.


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